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Review of Jinah Shim Concert.

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img_1354A piano master-class

Tickhill Music Society continued its 40th season of concerts with an exhilarating recital by the young pianist Jinah Shim. She introduced her programme in gentle fashion with a Mozart sonata which nevertheless required great dexterity in its lively outer movements. This was followed by three Schubert impromptus – familiar pieces which were brought to life in thrilling fashion by Jinah Shim’s fresh interpretation.

The second half opened with one of Liszt’s tone poems, his Ballade no. 2. Authorities are divided as to whether it was inspired by the romantic story of Hero and Leander, or a more salacious horror story which was popular at the time. Regardless of its origins the piece contains contrasting stormy and romantic passages, and Jinah Shim responded by being at times muscular and at other times delicate. A piece of such swirling emotions required a suitable antidote, and this was provided by Chopin’s Scherzo no. 2, which received a lyrical and virtuosic interpretation.

The programme was completed with L’Isle Joyeuse by Debussy, which enchants with its pianistic picture painting. To the delight of a large and appreciative audience this was not the end of the evening, as Jinah Shim was persuaded to return for an encore in the form of the sarabande from Bach’s French Suite, bringing to a close another outstanding performance by a talented and charming musician.

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