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Our concert season runs from September to April with seven  concerts per season. Concerts are  held at St. Mary's Primary School in Tickhill and occasionally at the Parish Church. Our popular musical recitals span classical repertoire, jazz, folk and world music, all performed by professional musicians.

Join us on the 12th April for the final concert of the season, an Opera Gala Evening.   Clare Wheat (soprano) is joined by Sally Perkins (mezzo-soprano), David Watkin Holmes (tenor) and Thomas D Hopkinson (bass) with  Jonathan Gooing (piano) to perform operatic highlights.   For more details, click on the 'upcoming performers' thumbnail.        

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Adrian Hattrell's review of our March concert

Flying Fingers

A piano recital at Tickhill Music Society always attracts a good audience, and the recent performance by the young French pianist Emmanuel Despax was no exception. Parisian by birth, but resident in England from a young age, he presented a programme of monumental works from the 19thcentury, starting with “Prélude, Choral et Fugue” by César Franck. This is a challenging piece, written by an organist for the piano, and requiring the performer to execute a great deal of work with left hand crossed over right. Despite resembling a test piece, this was carried off with apparent ease.

The Franck was followed by a piece in similar mould by Franz Liszt, “Après une lecture du Dante: Fantasia quasi Sonata”. A torrent of notes was navigated effortlessly, and the contrasting quiet passages were treated delicately.

The second half was occupied by a single work, Schubert’s B flat Sonata, composed a month or two before his death. This was more familiar territory for the audience, and presented a safe haven after the storms of the first half. Emmanuel played with calm mastery and received deserving applause for a commanding performance.
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Adrian Hattrell's review of our latest concert. It says it all!

The trumpet shall sound

Music lovers sometimes think they have heard everything. The audience which assembled at Tickhill Music Society to hear a performance by the trumpet player Matilda Lloyd could be forgiven for settling comfortably in their seats to hear the opening numbers composed in 18th century Italy. Little could they imagine that by the end of the evening they would have been taken on an exhilarating journey encompassing all the intervening periods and many different continents and finishing with a piece written in 2014 commemorating the First World War – of which, more later. All was delivered with great verve, as you would expect from a former BBC Young Musician of the Year, who also demonstrated pure lyricism where it was needed, as in Faure’s “Après un rêve”.
In all of this Matilda was ably abetted by the pianist Leo Nicholson, who not only showed great skill as an accompanist but also midway through each half gave Matilda a break by playing two piano solos – one by Scarlatti and the other by Gershwin.
It was the contemporary piece, “Seven Halts on the Somme”, which caught the audience’s attention. First they were told to expect something synaesthetic (i.e. the composition of the music was stimulated by the perception of colour), and a special effect was created by Matilda playing into the strings of the piano while Leo held down the sustaining pedal. If this might sound alarming, the overall impression was of a young musician at the top of her class, capable of sensitivity as well as the pyrotechnics one expects from a brass player.
Adrian Hattrell
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Grace Yeo

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